How does the personal chef service work?

It begins with a complimentary in-home consultation where we discuss what you may need, your family’s favorite meals and any dietary restrictions or food allergies. We would then need to determine how many meals you would want along with what day of the week the service could be provided for you.

After this is agreed upon, then you would choose your menu and now the rest is up to me. I will do the grocery shopping, bring the groceries to your home and then prepare the meals that you choose. The food will be placed in either your refrigerator or freezer in packaged, labeled containers that you can easily use to heat your dinner when your family arrives home.

Who could benefit from a personal chef? 

Busy career people, active families, new parents, elderly ones, or those who enjoy having delicious meals but simply don’t care to cook. Let’s face it. We all enjoy going out to dinner, but doing so on a frequent basis can get expensive and if you’re like me, after a while, you simply can’t decide where to go. And going out to eat can waste a lot of time!  Just imagine, coming home from work and being able to enjoy a delicious comfort meal like pot roast with whipped potatoes and gravy and roasted asparagus or fabulous crab cakes with a tomato remoulade along with a spinach salad and gourmet potatoes! And when dinner is done, NO DISHES. Now you have the time to help kids with homework, get caught up on a project or do absolutely nothing.

Do I have to be home? 

No and generally most people aren’t. We can make arrangements for kitchen access to prepare your meals. However, if you wish to be home when I am there, that is certainly fine provided there are not a lot of interruptions. How long I will be there will depend on the amount of meals I am preparing along with what kind of meals.

What about some of my family favorites? 

If you have some personal recipes that you really love but don’t have the time to make, I’ll be happy to take a look at them, and if possible, will do my best to incorporate those recipes into your menu plan.

How much does it cost? 

That will vary depending on the number of meals as well as the amount of servings. We offer meal plans as low as $9.95 per meal and our packages range from $129.00 to $199.00 plus the cost of the groceries.

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